1) Post Office Service

    Renewal of road tax
    AR Register mail posting
    Wang Post
    Post Laju

  2) Banking 

    Cheque Deposition MBB, BCBB, HSBC, RHB,SC,
  OUB, SBB, PBB, HLB and AMBB considered as one (1) job.
    Banking Cheque before 2.00 p.m. everyday
    Bank draft / T.T
    Credit Card Payment
    All payment at Finance
    Apply for banker cheque.

  3) Income tax / LHDN

    Income Tax Payment
    Diskettes Payment
    New Submission Form
    Endorsement of Agreement
    Stamping Agreement
    Collection of new forms

  4) EPF / KWSP

    Payment of EPF
    Diskettes payment of EPF / KWSP
    New Form Submission
    Collection of forms


    Payment of Socso
    Diskettes payment of Socso
    New Form Submission
    Collection of forms

  6) Court Filling

    Filling of affidavit
    Filling of summon
    Submission of document
    Filing of PA
    Commission of oath

7) ROC

    Search of ROC
    Print of GTC M&A
    Print with out GTC M&A
    Submission of document
    Application of new company

  8) Land office

    Land search
    Carian sendirian
    Carian rasmi

  9) Payment at DBKL / MPPJ / MPSJ / MPS /KASTAM /  EMBASSY

 10) Utility Payment

     Tanaga Nasional Berhad
     Telekom Malaysia berhad
     Puas ( Jabatan Bekalan Air )
     Indah water

 11) Delivery of Document/Parcel/Cheque

 12) Collection of Document/Parcel/Cheque